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Daniel Max Shaw

Daniel Max Shaw has been serving the Health Coverage needs of families since 2003.

Mr. Shaw has seen many times the effects a lack of Quality Health Coverage can have, both on a family’s financial and physical health.

“Financial stress is one the most terrible stresses a person can suffer under. Having a lifetime of hard earned savings wiped out to pay a medical bill is incredibly self-defeating. Having a proper plan put in place with the Guidance of an experienced agent and counselor is absolutely necessary for a families well being”.

Mr. Shaw will work with you to develop a plan that covers the needs you know and the ones you don’t.

If you aren’t sure of your coverage, feel you may be paying too much and don’t know have Health insurance agent you trust implicitly, please contact Mr. Shaw. He will carefully review your benefits and give you proper guidance in protecting your family in the best and most affordable way.

Daniel M. Shaw
(407) 463-1297
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